Our Business

Our Business

Our Business

Our Business

Our Business

SEAN is an electrical engineering company, based on the accumulated technology and expertise we will continue to work with our customers

Electronic Works

As specialized electrical contractor, SEAN ENC will continue to work with Customers based on the accumulated technical experiences and skills.


Based on various performances and technical skills in variety of fields, SEAN ENC is being developed into specialized company in telecommunication .

Firefighting Construction

Based on long first hand field experience, perfect firefighting Is achieved with accumulated skills and know-how.

Civil Works

SEAN ENC continuously participates in domestic and international civil Engineering projects to evolve new niche in globally.

Environmental Project

As an environmental expert, we will protect the clean environment with technology and know-how to protect the natural environment from various industrial pollution.

Renewable Energy

We study how to use energy efficiently.
We are preparing for a better future as an environment-conscious company through renewable energy.

Our technical skills to enhance the value of buildings

The more you realize your special skills, the more special your life stage becomes.

Steel tower/Plant
Projects View
  • Transmission line
  • Power plant
Renewable Energy
Projects View
  • Solar Energy
  • Environment
Projects View
  • Airport facilities
  • Plant
  • Electric railroad
  • Semiconductor
Projects View
  • Apartment
  • Building
  • Educational Facilities
  • Multipurpose Building
  • Remodeling
  • Sports & Leisure Facilities
  • Maintenance
  • Other Facilities
  • Civil Works
Overseas construction
Projects View
  • Transmission line/ Power plant
  • Plant